Saturday, 18 July 2009

Agnes Monica Bugil

Cewek bugil dan seksi

Agnes Monica yang paling seksi dan bugil yang pernah ku lihat. Wkwkwk.. She is my idol.. She is great, great singer in Indonesia, penyanyi muda tersukses. And always get awards in Music Awards Indonesia.

agnes monica
agnes monica1
Agnes Monica (born Agnes Monica Muljoto on July 1, 1986) is an Indonesian pop singer, dancer, actress, songwriter, and producer. Her first teen album "..And The Story Goes" (2003) made her popular as a teenage singer. Its a big success in Indonesia with the singles "Bilang Saja", "Jera" and "Cinta Mati".
Then she released her second album "Whaddup A.. '?!" (2005). Her second album is a success too, with her hit single, "Tak Ada Logika". It sold 50000 copies in 10 days. It's big for any Indonesian singer.
Then after her second album, she wants to prove to herself that she can produce her own album. This can be seen from her third album "Sacredly Agnezious" (2009), with her greatest hit single, "Matahariku".

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